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Going through a separation is difficult, not only from an emotional point of view but also navigating the complex legal system when it comes to dividing your finances.

Our Free AI Financial Report helps you understand


How your key assets could be divided between you and your partner


What matters are taken into account by the courts when deciding how much you get, and how much your partner gets.

Financial Contribution

What impacts inheritances, personal injury payouts, gifts and other financial benefits received during the relationship have on the split.

Next Step

Understand the next key steps you can take to successfully split your assets

Who Is This For?

This is for anyone who has separated or is thinking of separating and what to understand how financial side of separation.


This includes:

  • If you own a house with your partner
  • If you have a mortgage with your partner
  • Financial Settlement
    If you want to understand what a financial settlement could look like
  • Question
    If you’re unsure what to do next
This report focuses on financial information, not parenting-related information

The Process

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    Create an account and complete the questions.
  • 2
    Our AI will prepare a customised report for your circumstances.
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    Our team will review the report before we email it to you