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Getting Started

It’s important to approach your former partner to participate in some form of dispute resolution before going to court. This may be as casual as going for a coffee or communicating openly over email.

If talking with your partner has not worked, you should consider allowing us to negotiate on your behalf, before going to court.

The aim is to try and reach an agreement which you both are comfortable with. By doing this, the final decision will not be left to the court - who make orders which they think are “just and equitable”, rather than what you or your former partner may specifically want.

If this doesn’t work and you’re stuck trying to figure out how to divide everything, or you are receiving threats, it may be time to engage a lawyer.

How We Can Help

How We Can Help

If you are contemplating proceedings, engaging a lawyer now can show your former partner that you are serious about trying to reach a resolution.

We begin by understanding your issues, what you're seeking or proposing, and the nature of the assets, liabilities, and financial resources involved. We then provide advice on what you may be entitled to. Our expert separation lawyers can estimate what a fair split looks like, taking into account your specific desires, such as keeping the family home, vehicles, bank accounts, and other finances.

After we have an understanding, we start by making one final effort for your former partner to engage in negotiations. We do this by drafting a negotiation letter about your position and how we propose to resolve the matter. This ensures that we have complied with the court’s pre-action procedures and if a response is received, can save you greatly from the expenses of starting court proceedings.

If we do not receive a response or your former partner does not engage in good faith negotiations, we take our most hands-on approach. We will assist you by drafting the necessary court documents, compiling your disclosure and lodging your court documents.

Once the proceedings are commenced, we can represent at hearings and provide you with ongoing advice.

What Are the Benefits of Property Litigation?

What Are the Benefits of Property Litigation?

We will guide you through the entire process.

First of all, you will receive an in-depth, hands-on approach from our experienced legal team.

We will continue to work with your former partner or their legal representation to engage in negotiation and attempt to resolve your dispute at all steps along the way. If an agreement is reached, we can finalise the agreement into Consent Orders.

Secondly, court proceedings compel your former partner to engage with the process. They will need to file documents, provide their financial documents, attend court hearings and comply with orders that are made. This means that they will be unable to avoid dealing with the dispute once it is commenced in court.

If your case settles along the way, or at trial, your financial affairs will be finalised. The orders will untie you and your former partner’s financial relationship and you will have the ability to move on.

With court orders, you will walk away with decisions that are final with a high level of certainty. They can only be set aside in limited circumstances.

Lastly, the orders will also be enforceable if the need arises.

What We Need From You

If proceedings need to be commenced, we will need certain things from you.

We need to understand the financial picture of the relationship. This includes detailing the assets and liabilities (debts) you or your former partner owned (together or separately).

You will need to have an idea of the assets and liabilities (debts) you may want to keep, split, or give away. We also will work with you to acknowledge your objectives in terms of what you may be personally entitled to.

Both you and your former partner have a duty to exchange financial information and relevant documents, such as tax returns, payslips, bank statements, and information about debts. This allows both parties to know what eachother has and finalise the asset pool. Both assets in Australia and overseas are taken into account for the asset pool.

Can We Reach An Agreement Before Court?

Absolutely. As you go through the process, there are different court hearings like conciliation conferences, directions hearings etc that the court will set in place to try to reach an amicable settlement before the trial stage.

There is likely a positive outcome that can be reached before going to trial.

That is why we offer fixed fee packages.


In arranging a fixed fee package:

  • We work with you on different terms to find the right package for you;

  • We can offer flexible milestone packages like drafting and completing your documents, representation up to certain court hearings or full representation;

  • We can offer flexible payment options to break up your costs of litigation, depending on which package is right for you; and

  • If you qualify, we can help you get a loan to cover your legal fees. This is known as litigation funding, and the loan does not need to be repaid until the matter finalises. This is provided by a third party lender.

Once a fixed fee package is agreed, we will only charge you in accordance with our agreement. Therefore, it gives you peace of mind that you will know what you are up for, upfront.

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LawAI is a helpful and informative AI chat bot that specialises in family law enquiries.

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  • Easy to use and it’s free.

Caution should be taken when using LawAI as it can give incorrect information. Consider checking important information. LawAI is not a substitute for legal advice.

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“Angelo provided excellent advice and a very swift service

“They provided a flat fee, which was lower than any other family lawyer”

“I highly recommend MKI Legal”


Patient and supportive, always returned calls and provided much needed guidance and advice throughout a rather trying time in my life”

“MKI are very transparent and reasonable with their costs


“Thank you to Angelo who has assisted me with a matter which was very daunting and felt way out of my depth

“He was very compassionate, caring and...constantly communicated with me”

“Nothing was ever too hard and he always made me feel like I mattered


“Was of great assistance to me, giving prompt and clear advice at all stages of the process.”

“Made what could have been a complex process seem easy and stress-free. Am very appreciative!”


“This whole process has been extremely stress free, the cost was amazing as compared with thousands of dollars quoted by several other law firms.”

“Angelo was easy to talk to and very pleasant to deal with.


“Angelo from MKI Legal was extremely helpful and professional with his assistance in my legal matters.”

“He was very thorough with his work and was prompt will all correspondence.”


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