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Your Action Plan tells you what steps to take to properly and legally finalise your separation. Customised to your unique circumstances.

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The Companion to Your Separation Journey

We know how difficult and overwhelming the entire separation process can seem.

After you separate, or even if you are just thinking about separating, you can be overwhelmed about what to do. It can be confusing to find out what to do next. There is a lot of information out there, but that may not be specific enough for your case. You can read many pages online or speak to friends or family members that have experienced separation and divorce.

However, every situation is unique.

We customise your journey and information so you know what to do next. This free action plan is good for separating couples at all stages.

If you are thinking about it, recently got separated, or have been separated for a while now but not finalised things, this is for you.

How It Works. Confidential and Free.

Simply fill in our short, confidential questionnaire about your relationship and circumstances. Don’t worry – we will not contact your partner at any stage of this process. We simply use your information to offer custom insight and information to help you moving forwards.

The questionnaire is completely free and will take around 15-20 minutes. After this, our lawyers will review your information, and speak with you, at no cost, about your separation journey. 

You will learn about and be able to take action on:

  • Discussing separation with your partner
  • Arranging children’s matters
  • Accessing and splitting superannuation
  • Selling the house
  • “A fair split” that takes into account contributions
  • Negotiating and talking with your partner about reaching an agreement
  • Starting a binding consent order

Helping you negotiate with your ex

If you are going to reach a successful agreement, you are going to need to negotiate with your ex partner at certain times.

Dividing assets of the relationship

Protect your interests and get it done right. Educating yourself means you know the next steps to take.

Property Division Calculator

One of the most important parts of a separation is dividing your assets in a mutually beneficial way. With the app, you can allocate and estimate what you may be entitled to, based on how you split your specific assets & liabilities.

the entire journey mapped out

With the app, there is a straight path forward. We guide you on the right direction to make your separation easier for you and your circumstances. The end goal is having a successful separation that is easier and smoother than without the app.