Focus on moving on with your life without the added stress of upfront legal fees

How It Works

We believe that you should be focusing on resolving your family law dispute without worrying about legal fees.

We work with specialised third party professionals to allow your legal fees to be paid, with no obligation on you to make any repayments until your case is resolved.

To qualify you need to have:

  • A family law dispute about the division of your assets.
  • More than $50,000 equity in your property;

To get started, complete our simple assessment and provide the necessary information.

Our family law team will get in contact with you to discuss your case further to see if Pay At The End is suitable for your circumstances.

There is absolutely no cost to you for us to discuss this option with you. Our discussions are secure and strictly confidential.


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No Repayments Until Your Case is Resolved

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No Income Required

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No Cost To Explore This Option