Joanne Thompson

Joanne graduated from Edith Cowan University in 2006 with a Bachelor of Science with a double major in nutrition and human biology, and again in 2018 with a Bachelor of Laws. She was admitted to the legal profession in 2019 and worked for the Department of Justice as a Senior Case Manager at the Office of Criminal Injuries Compensation before commencing as a Family Lawyer with MKI Legal in 2020. 

Family law is where Joanne’s true passion lies and was the reason she chose to change career path and recommence study in the area of law. 

Joanne is dedicated to helping individuals who are going through family breakdown with the aim to assist them to work through their legal issues in the most cost-effective way while advocating to reduce conflict between the parties as much as is possible as she believes this is the best outcome for all involved, particularly the children.  

Joanne understands that when clients seek the advice of a family lawyer, they need their lawyer not only to be knowledgeable in the area of family law but also to be able to simplify the process for them and minimise any further stress in what is often a highly emotional and stressful time of their life. She believes every client has individual needs, goals and expectations and that taking the time to work out what these are will deliver the best outcome as there is no uniform approach.

Joanne’s background gives her a unique perspective and skills which enable her to be an empathetic family lawyer who understands the highly emotive nature of clients who are going through family breakdown and separation and knows that choosing the court pathway is often not the best option due to the high conflict it creates. 

Joanne understands this stage in a client’s life is likely one of the most difficult and traumatic experiences a client will go through and considers it a privilege to assist families in their times of need.

Joanne is also a wife and mother who enjoys staying fit and has a passion and flair for baking and cake decorating in her spare time.