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Get affordable Consent Orders for a fraction of the time and cost. We'll lodge it with the court for you too.
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* The price excludes court filing fees. Terms and conditions apply.
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Consent Orders for Less

You’ve separated from your partner and (finally!) reached an agreement on who gets what… It’s now time to make your agreement legally binding. If you’re not there yet, Consent Orders are not for you.

We know how expensive legal work can seem to be as you’re researching across the web. Traditional law firms can easily charge over $3,000 to help you separate from your partner. But this comes on their time frames, with their costs added.

It doesn’t have to be that way… Our lawyers can help you get Consent Orders for less. Save time and money, with the exact same legally binding outcome...

Sure, we can offer you the full-service, where we take care of every detail. If you’ve got the money, it’s a great option to have an experienced lawyer holding your hand through the process from negotiation to the courtroom.

But the truth is... getting Consent Orders doesn’t have to be so hard. That’s why we can offer Consent Orders Documents to you from just $990*.

We’ve made an easy online system that allows us to get what we need quicker and more effectively. No, you don’t need multiple lawyer meetings (often charging over $300+ an hour!), going over whether your split seems fair.

We’ve made it as easy and as simple for you - provide the details we need, have a quick chat with our legal team, and our lawyers then prepare your Consent Orders. After that, you just sign the application and we’ll file it with the Courts!

Why you need consent orders?

How It Works


Enter the information online. We’ll gather some basic details about you, your former partner, and the assets and debts of the relationship.


Speak with a family lawyer. Our legal team will call you for a free consultation about your situation, and gather any further information (if we need it). You can rest assured that you’re on the right track!


Documents prepared. Our experienced family lawyers will draft your Form 11 Application for Consent Orders on your behalf. No more wasting your time painfully trying to read through the many government websites and templates.


You sign & we lodge. After your application is completed, we’ll send you and your former partner copies for signing. Send it back, and we’ll lodge it with the courts for you! How easy is that?

Why You Need Consent Orders

It can be exhausting trying to reach an agreement after you separate from your partner. Who gets what? Can I keep this?

Now that you’ve reached an agreement, it’s time to safeguard your future and sever the financial relationship with your ex.

With Our Essentials Consent Orders Package, you’ll get:

  • One on one time with a lawyer to make sure you’re on track (included at no extra cost!)
  • A legally binding, court-ordered agreement on what’s being divided, split, or kept.
  • Certainty that your agreement is final - meaning your partner can’t come back years down the future, demanding that they want a “bigger slice of the pie” (it happens, and without a legally binding agreement, it’s completely within their rights to do so).
  • Peace of mind that the relationship is over - it’s time to move on!
Why you need consent orders?

What happens if you don’t Get consent orders?


Getting Consent Orders, or a Binding Financial Agreement, are the only ways to make your agreement legally binding!

Consent Orders are more affordable than a BFA, which is often very specific on how things are split. BFA’s are more expensive, yet both provide certainty on your agreement.

Without a binding agreement in place, your former partner can demand more assets or money in the future - and they’re allowed to if your original agreement isn’t legally binding.

Protect yourself, and get consent orders now.

How Is It So Much Cheaper?

We’re able to make the process so much more affordable by removing some of the traditional extras charged by other law firms…

By submitting some of your own information online, you save time and money on meetings with lawyers working out details. We don’t need to sit down and charge you to go over trivial things like bank account numbers etc.

With our online app, the entire process is so much quicker. We all save time, and you get Consent Orders faster and cheaper. It’s that simple!

Most firms charge by time - but we’re not most firms! Enjoy a fixed-fee outcome with transparent pricing - starting from just $990!*

Essentials Package

From $990*


Consent Orders for Property Division


Includes standard transfer of house, mortgage, assets and debts


Includes lodgement of your documents.


45 minute initial consultation with a lawyer (phone or video) ($295 value included)


Legal assistance limited to document preparation and procedural support


Save thousands on legal fees!


Excludes negotiation with your partner


Documents only so legal advice about your circumstances is not included


Excludes business interests


Extra $440 for each super fund being split (no charge if there's no super transfer)


Excludes complex situations*

Full Service

Contact Us


Consent Orders for Property Division OR Children’s matters


Includes help for those with Business interests


Includes superannuation transfers


Negotiation and communication with your former partner and their lawyer


Suitable for complex sitautions or splits


Detailed legal advice and assistance for the duration of your matter, including whether the split looks fair

OurLegal TeamAre Here To Help

The family lawyers at MKI Legal can help you get the right information, understand where you stand, prepare the legal documents, negotiate with your partner or if required, start family court proceedings.

Best Family Lawyers Team In Perth

What You Don’t Get

Our Essentials Package ends with you getting Consent Orders for a fraction of the price. We provide the essentials, and do away with some of the costly extras…


Come to us with an agreement in place. For this package, we can’t help negotiate with your former partner, or help you determine what a ‘fair split’ looks like. This often takes months of back and forth communication with you, your ex, and their lawyers. By coming to us with an agreement, you can save thousands. Reach out to us if you need help negotiating with your ex partner.

Superfund Transfer

Are you planning on splitting superannuation funds?

The essentials package is still for you but there is an additional fee of $440 when splitting superannuation, as our team needs to work directly with the super fund to facilitate the transfer. Even with this extra cost, you can still save thousands!

If you think you need more assistance with your matter, like help with negotiating, view our Full Service option.

Why you need consent orders?

Our quality of service and attention to detail remains!

You still get lawyer reviewed and approved documents… We’ll even lodge them with the courts so you don’t have to. You’ll just have to send us back the signed documents.

If our affordable, low-cost, quicker Consent Orders Essentials package sounds like the right fit for you, Get Started.

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